Getting Back to Writing

       January 20, 2014, “An Unfinished Book”. It was my last post on this blog. The first words of that post were “It’s been almost a year since I have written anything”. I did not want to start this post as well with the same. But, that is essentially the fact. To say the truth, I have done a lot of writing in that time. Most of which I was not happy with and did not publish. The finale to my short story series is one of the many that I abandoned in search of perfection. In fact this search for perfection has been holding me back from doing a lot of things that I used to love.

        In the last 18 months, my work life has taken up an unusual amount of time on my calendar. Apart from that, working and staying in Pairs (a city that I have wanted to visit for years), learning French, travelling to some breath-taking places, discovering my roots, rediscovering my joy of travelling and love for music & history have all taught me to stop over-complicating my life and enjoy whatever experiences life throws up every day.

      Honestly speaking I don’t like writing such self-reflection posts. These posts should be reserved for a diary or journal and I wonder why my last few posts have been so. The only conclusion that I can draw is that it has always been about reinforcing my own beliefs. I hope and will try to make sure that this will be my last such post on this blog.

      Writing is something that I love the most. I look back and find that I have lost so many things that I love in pursuit of something that does not exist. Today I take a step back and see that in the end the only things that are matter are the ones that you love. Be it your work, your family, your friends or your thoughts. As a wise person once told me, “One Day” is all we have. I will add to that. This moment is all we have. Get back to the things you love doing because there will come a time when you feel by leaving behind these things you have actually left yourself behind.

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