An Unfinished Book

          It’s been almost a year since I have written anything. My last post was in April last year. The continuation to the first part, Dangerous Days – The Beginning, of my three-part story is incomplete and sitting in some long-lost folder on my laptop. For a guy who had found writing to be so much fun, it was unusual that I could not bring myself to write anything. What had changed? Yes, work has kept me busy and at other times I tried to keep myself busy. That’s not the reason though. I had not written for a long time because I wanted to write about these thoughts and was not sure how to put them into words. Even now, I don’t think I will be able to convey them the way I want to in the next few paragraphs.

           At the advent of 2013, I remember saying to myself, “2013, A New Year? Nah! This is going to be just another year!” Today, when I look back at the year that has gone by, it brings a smile to my face. 2013 was a year like none before. I had to make a lot of hard choices that I didn’t want to make. The results of these choices I may know only in the years to come. The signs however are promising. Having felt that 2012 was a year when I made a more than a few bad choices, I strove to make a change in 2013. I am not going to get into the details here as it does not make sense to write all that on this forum.

           Why am I writing this and why would anybody be interested to continue reading this post, assuming you have been patient enough to read it this far! I wanted to talk about two of the biggest lessons I learnt last year and I hope it helps some others as well. I have come to understand the importance of A DAY. Learning to take life one day at a time is a very useful. Especially in an age when there is an uncertainty that lingers over the days to come. The future after all depends on what you do today. Change is inevitable is a popular phrase that everybody likes to use but believing it is always for the good is the trick to master.

          I always used to say, New Year is a book called opportunity with blank pages waiting to be filled. I have come to realize that the New Year, like life, is not a blank book but An Unfinished Book. So many pages will be written by your friends, family, colleagues, even strangers and events that you have no control over. The book is not just about you. It’s about things that you care about. It has to be. Only then will you enjoy reading it at a later date when you look back at your own life. If the book was just about you, it would perhaps be the most boring book.

           Hope, Faith and Love are powerful words. People talk about faith in god, believing in your abilities, hope for the best, hope for some luck, etc. There are however just two things that matter. Having faith in your abilities is the most important aspect. Faith in the external entity is also important though. People give it different names. God, divine, luck, fate, hope, etc. You can call it anything you want. But, have Faith in it. Believing in our abilities, a positive outlook and the faith that the things that you can’t control are always for the greater good are three powerful thoughts every person should have. When it comes to love, give as much as you can as that is the only way to get more of it.

           Finally, this has been a confusing post. Yes! I was confused while writing it as well. There will always be things that you have no idea about and do not understand. Unraveling all of them is impossible. Learn to solve the mysteries that intrigue you and the ones that you care about. When I write the last line I realize that I have unraveled one such mystery. I hope you feel the same when you read this last line and three quotes that follow.

It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see.        

                                                                                             – Winston Churchill

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.          

                                                                                             – Albert Einstein

It’s funny, in literature no one ever goes to the lavatory.        

                                                                                             – Tom Baker

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