On to Castle 100 – Another Landmark for a Remarkable Show

          March 9, 2009. September 21, 2009. September 20, 2010. September 19, 2011. September 24, 2012. What do these dates have in common? No, they are not just random dates. Yep, they are Castle Season premieres. Seasons 1 to 5. Now, here’s another date. April 1, 2013. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear April 1 is Fool’s day. This year, it is also Castle 100. Titled “The Lives of Others”, it promises to be a good one. Oh well, I will correct myself. It promises to be a great one!

Castle TV Series Logo

         It’s been a while since I have written a new post on my blog. What better way to start writing again than a post on Castle. After all, it is the show that got me writing and blogging again after almost a 3 year break. Ok, back to the show! Castle is definitely one of the most popular shows in the world today. How do I know that? Simply because of the number of countries it airs in and the number of fans it has. Also because of a cast and crew that in one word, is Brilliant!!

         Andrew W. Marlowe. The creator. He and his team would have guessed that Castle would be a hit. Having said that, I do not think even they would have expected the show to become such a huge success. In these 4 years, Castle has had a lot of great moments. Some average ones and a few dull ones. But, that was to be expected. I mean, when you have had five seasons with 100 episodes, there are bound to be a few that are not as appealing as the others. I am pretty sure when any fan looks back at the 5 seasons that have gone by, it would be very difficult to pick the top five or ten or even twenty episodes. Now, that is the best victory any show could achieve. Thank You Andrew and Terri for such a wonderful show.

        So…. What has changed over these 4 years of Castle? Well, for one Beckett’s hair has grown longer and longer. Ok ok… Just kidding guys! No offense meant to any of the fans! Jokes apart, some characters have left the show and new ones have joined. Like Captain Gates for Roy Montgomery. Castle and Beckett are now in a relationship. About time I would say! Ryan got married. Javi and Lanie are in a relationship too. Errm… I think they are. You are never quite sure with them. We met Castle’s dad. Alexis went to college and so on. Beyond all that, the change that strikes me the most is how the characters have matured. Alexis and Ryan in particular. And it looks like there is still a lot more to these characters. Especially Richard Castle.

         Molly Quinn’s performances have been brilliant in the last few seasons. After 100 episodes, Molly’s growth as an actress is what I have come to admire a lot. The same I would say for Seamus Dever. Tamala Jones, Susan Sullivan and Jon Huertas are a joy to watch. Penny Johnson Jerald did not have much to do in Season 4 except make life tough for the team. In Season 5 though we have seen a whole new side of her! Pretty sure, the fans are loving her now (Episode 3, Secret’s Safe with Me). Though he is no longer part of the show, Ruben Santiago-Hudson will always be missed by the fans.

       Finally, Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic! The two reasons why I started watching this show; and I have two words guys, Simply Superb! So many episodes come to my mind when I think of their performances or of their Caskett moments. The crew of Castle deserves a special mention. They have worked really hard to create a show that is loved by people of all ages, gender and nationality. They say when you do things from your heart, it is inevitably a huge success. I guess Castle is straight from the hearts of our beloved Cast and Crew! That is why it is a huge success and the awards it has won at the PCA ascertain that.

      When I started out to write this post, there were a lot of things I wanted to say. I ended up saying a bunch of other things. I didn’t want it to be too long. I guess it is impossible to write a tribute for the show you love in 500 or 600 words. No poll this time guys. Just let me know what you think about the show in the comments! I would love to hear from all the amazing fans of Castle. The show that will remain one of my favorites… Always!

Now, On to Castle 100 – The Lives of Others!!


4 thoughts on “On to Castle 100 – Another Landmark for a Remarkable Show

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more about the growth in the show & its characters. Such outstanding performances. The crew, music & writers are phenomenal. I am so “hooked” by the show that I am consumed with tweeting, blogging & FB with similar minded people. I am an avid Stanatic & am fascinated how such a kind, intelligent, gorgeous woman wasn’t noticed before Castle. I am glad we have her because Caskett is the backbone of the show. Wow! has she shown some acting “chops!” Enjoyed inputting. Thx!

    1. Hey MB! Thanks so much for your reply! Yes! It feels good to write again! Have to make a regular habit of it again!! Yes! I am sure Marlowe and co. will continue to surprise us with new plots and reveal more of our favorite characters! I see atleast 2 or 3 more seasons in Castle! Hoping for more though! 🙂

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