Friends – The Stars of your Life

        It’s been a long time since I have written something. Longest I have gone without a post. I did write a review of Castle Season 4. But, that does not count. I could say I have been busy with work. The truth is I have been plain lazy. First, Happy Friendship Day to all my friends. I know it’s late. But, I guess it required a mail from someone to make me write this.

        It was not a surprise when I received a mail from Raghav on Friendship Day. I knew if there was one friend who would send an emotional mail on Friendship Day, it would be him. As I sat down to write a short reply to the mail, memories came flooding back. For once after a long time, words failed me.

        Come August 21, it would be six years since the day I met these guys for the first time. I did not know then how much my life would change because of them. Looking back today, I can see just how much it has. So many things I never thought I could be, I am today. There was a Prashant who used to be terrified of an audience. Stutter when confronted by even ten people. Could hardly write a paragraph that made any sense. Today, I hardly recognize who I used to be. That’s just one instance of the kind of influence friends have had on me.

         I have always wondered; how do two people become friends? Do they assess each other? I believe it just happens. You could go on and on saying my friends are this, they have done this for me. Today, I don’t want to do that. Simply because, no words of praise or gratefulness are enough to do that. Good friends stand by you for eternity and beyond. They always make you feel special. You feel like a star. However, they are the real stars of your life.

       To quote a friend, Words can never justify emotions. Maybe they were never meant to do so. The beauty of Friendship lies in the fact that they are free from the confinements of description. Even if your friends are thousands of miles away, even if you don’t talk to them for months, the bond only grows stronger.

       A lot of people say that their friends are special. Today I understand that there’s no such thing as special friends. Its just friends who make you feel special. I have felt that. Thank you for all the wonderful memories guys. I have not named any of my friends here. However, when they read this I am sure they will understand. It has been an honor to have you guys in my life. Good friends are a blessing. I hope this journey continues for eternity. Gracias Amigos!


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