A Loud Silence

       Please Note: Though the places and locations referred in this story are real, This is a piece of Fiction and any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.  All characters appearing in this work are also fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is also coincidental.

      Albert Williams had been a detective with the New York City Police Department for two years now. Born and brought up in downtown Manhattan, he knew this part of the city better than any other cop in his precinct did. He loved this job and his accomplishments had built him an enviable reputation. Every day before going to the 5th Precinct on Elizabeth Street, Chinatown, he used to drive along Park Row. On Park Row was his dream. 1PP or One Police Plaza. The headquarters of the NYPD. He had always wanted to make it to the Major Case Squad.

      Today was no different. After picking up his partner and good friend, Det. Wesley Thompson, they were on their way to the 5th. They had just turned right from Worth Street onto Mulberry Street when they heard the bulletin. A robbery had taken place at the China Trust Bank on Canal Street. The hold-up gang had escaped in a black mini van with around a million dollars. They knew the van would take Baxter Street, as it was the one in the opposite direction to the 5th precinct and would be the easiest to navigate when you are in a hurry.

       Soon, they saw the black mini van with three squad cars in pursuit. Albert knew their only chance was to intercept the van at the intersection of Worth and Baxter. Wesley was not ready to do this. He wanted to wait for backup. Hitting the siren, Albert reached the intersection even before the van had turned onto Worth Street. Seeing the squad car barricading the road ahead, the mini van came to a stop in the middle of road. Six masked men got out of the van. The other squad cars blocked off the street on the opposite side.

     Cornered criminals were perhaps the most dangerous. Both Albert and Wesley realized that the gang had enough firepower to take out four squad cars with ease. At least four of them had modified M16s to shoot special projectiles that could penetrate steel.  Squad cars are not equipped with many guns. A rifle and a few handguns were all they had. Wesley went for the rifle in the trunk while Albert radioed for SWAT backup…. “Dispatch, Come in. We need SWAT backup at Worth and Mulberry. Be advised, we have the hold-up gang of China Trust Bank cornered on Worth”. The radio cackled, “Affirmative. Backup ETA, 3 minutes. SWAT ETA, 20 minutes”. 3 minutes? Engaging them in the meantime was not the best of ideas. Nevertheless, they had no choice. The bank robbers had killed two people in the bank.

    Keeping the car between them and gunmen, Albert and Wesley waited. A few seconds of silence and then, it began! They were caught in a hail of bullets. One squad car exploded and another caught fire. Albert shot one of the robbers on the shoulder. Wesley went down having taken one to his leg. Another one hit the post next to Albert. He hit the ground and saw Wesley crawling away into an alley. Then they heard it. It was music to Albert’s ears. Sirens!

    The gunfire stopped. Albert stood up to see the van drive away. The road ahead had been cleared as the squad cars on that side had been destroyed by the gunfire. There was no way for Albert to pursue. His car had been damaged pretty badly. He turned around and there was no sign of Wesley. “Where was he?” Albert was confused and wounded when SWAT reached him. He passed out as he heard the words, “Officer Down…... The only thought that he had in his mind was, “What had happened to Wesley?”.

     It had been six hours. Still no news of Wesley. Albert was worried now. “Had the hold-up gang taken him?” He was in his bed thinking when an idea struck him. Wesley may have tried to leave him a message. Albert went to the alley he had seen Wesley crawl into. Nothing! Then, on the car next to the where the van had stood, a parking ticket. “Bingo!! There was no reason for the car to have a ticket. It was proper parking”. An address on Canal Street had been scribbled onto the ticket.

     The address was an abandoned Chinese Jewelry store on the Chinatown side of Canal Street. “What the?” thought Albert. “A rundown building?” He parked his car and entered the store through the rear exit with his gun ready. He knew he should have waited for back up. However, every second was important. “Good Evening Albert!”. It was Wesley’s voice. Albert rushed into the adjacent room. What he saw, stopped him dead in his tracks. The gun clattered to the floor.

     On the floor, six bodies were strewn about. At one end of room stood Wesley Thompson, dressed in a black suit with a pistol in his hand. “Wes!”, cried Albert. “It was You!”. A cruel laugh split the silence. He saw Wesley raise his gun. He realized the message had been a trap to lure him to the shop.  Albert tried to dive out of the way. Too Late! He felt his shoulder break as the bullet hit it. Everything went black.

     As he came to, he could hear Wesley’s voice, …. “You got everything!”, I was your partner all this time…..but, you got everything…..the reputation, the medals, the promotion…….I plan the heist of a lifetime and you try to ruin that as well…..NEVER…… After today, I will be the hero……..I will tell them all about how you planned the robbery and how I foiled it by killing you and the hold-up gang as well…… However, unfortunately the money was hidden before I could find it…… and then I get the medal and a million dollars……”.

     Albert looked into Wesley’s eyes. His voice quavered as he asked, “It was all about the reputation and medals Wes?…….You were like a brother to me?…….All these years you hated me?…… Albert hesitated and let out a sigh! “I had guessed you were in on the heist Wes. That’s why I…….  Albert lifted his shirt and  a scream of rage left Wesley. He saw the wire fastened to Albert’s body. Everything had been taped.

      Ignoring the pain, Albert started to move even before Wesley had recovered from the shock. His hands closed around a metal rod. He swung it widely. It struck Wesley on the thigh. He stumbled. Albert took out the gun he had strapped to his leg and…… “BAM!BAM!”. The two guns went off at almost the same time. Wesley crumpled to the floor. As the light left his eyes, Albert thought he heard the words, “I am Sorry, Bert!!”. Tears came down Albert William’s eyes as he rolled over to the body. As he closed Wesley’s eyes, all he could hear was…. A Loud Silence! And that too was shattered by back up bursting through the front door.

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9 thoughts on “A Loud Silence

  1. Thatsss a lovely start prashant…. appreciate the research made on NYC, the names of the characters and loads more… All the best for lots lots stories to come…. Loved reading it, An important thing about stories is, to feel it as in real,, and i did have that feeling… 🙂 🙂

    1. Yes Vara! You do have a point! I could have extended it! and I did write some more! But then I felt people may get bored reading something longer! I usually keep it to 2 or 3 pages. Maybe I should have left that part in! Will do that the next time Vara! Thanks! For both reading and the comment! 🙂

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