365 Days and Counting

             The year 2010 had been an eventful one for me in many ways. A lot of things changed. May 2010. My undergraduate college life had come to an end. People all around me started saying lots of things. Questions, Advice, Dos and Don’ts. These I received in plenty. Stepping into the Corporate IT world in India, I had very little expectations from my job. I knew what it would be like from the many people I had met who belonged to the same industry. I also knew that post graduation was imminent. The only question was “When?”. I realized I would find the answer in due course of time.

           July 12, 2010. To quote a lot of people I heard saying at that point of time, “I stepped into a new life”. One year later, I feel, nothing has changed except for the fact that I am being paid. Although I did not have much expectation from the job, I was delighted at the prospect of meeting new people in a new environment. After a year, I would say that I did meet a lot of people. Some who thought I was a strange person and some who I thought to be strange people. Nevertheless, I must admit that in course of this one year I did meet people from whom I learned a lot.

         If I met the most brilliant person I had ever seen, in college, I met the one of the dumbest here. I even met people who you talk to for a few months and you see the words “Stay Away” in Red, glowing above their heads! Having said that, some of the people I met here are just wonderful. People you take a liking to, the minute you talk to them. The bottom-line would be that I made a lot of acquaintances. However, only a handful of friends. For obvious reasons, I have not used any names through this post. That is not cowardice on my part. It’s just that, I didn’t want any hard feelings.

         My professional life has been a good one. I was put into the domain of SAP, which is damn interesting. Though it is a technology I know very little about, it’s always good to learn something new. By sheer happenstance, I now have a manager from the same town as me. More than anything, it reduced the time taken to connect. From whom I have learned a lot about things that otherwise I would have learned the hard way. When it comes to the team, I was in one of the best. A mix of different kinds of people. Hard Working (Maybe a bit too much, But I am hardly the one to judge), brilliant, very helpful and more importantly, they have put up with me, which is a challenge in itself owing to my adamant and talkative nature.

         When I look back at this one year, I do notice a lot of changes in myself. I do not think they are in anyway related to the new job or the new people. Except maybe a few that is. I have made some mistakes in the one year as well. Bad Judgment, my nature and circumstances are responsible. My only regret is that most of them could have been avoided if I had been a bit more careful.

        The best part of the year is that I found the answer to the “When?” that I have mentioned above. Coming to the post, it is a bit vague. It’s only because I wanted it to be so. It wouldn’t be complete without mentioning something I realized recently. It is addressed to Raghav Ravichandran. Raghav, we have had many discussions related to this industry. Dude, I know now that we were both right. Maybe you were right in a touch more instances than I was. I know you will understand what I am trying to say.


6 thoughts on “365 Days and Counting

  1. i hate to admit that i have grown to disrespect the indian IT industry… this was a good post.. if you have found ‘when?’ try pondering ‘where?’..

    1. Yes! I agree with you on that now. Things are in disarray and many aspects are not organized. You know me well Raghav. I hate it when something is not organized. I guess we cannot change it now. I will get the best out of whatever there is. Coming to your “Where”, I have already started pondering that! Hopefully I can get the answer in a shorter duration of time than it took me to find “When”! Will talk to you about these when I call you from my home… Thanks for reading da! 🙂

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