Season 3 Ends, The Wait Begins for Castle Season 4

Castle Season 3
Season 3 of Castle was perhaps more complicated than seasons 1 or 2. I am not sure how many of you would agree with me on this, but that is what I feel when I look back on the entire season. 24 Episodes. It all began on the 20th of September 2010. A Deadly Affair! This was a highly anticipated episode due to two reasons. It was the first episode after a long break and the promos showed Castle getting himself arrested by Beckett!

         Going into each episode in a whole season review is impossible. So, I will stick to giving my opinion on the entire feel of the season. As I had said before, Season 3 had been a serious one as there were many cases like 3XK, Setup & Countdown, Knockdown, Knockout, etc. that were presented on a more serious note than the usual fun filled episodes. I suppose that was needed as Castle otherwise had started to revolve around relationships. It is after all a police procedural. An example is Kate Beckett getting shot and the death of Roy Montgomery. This was a vital part of the season finale to make sure that the mystery around Kate’s mother’s murder stays alive. Otherwise, Season 4 would have become a dull experience and the viewers count would have dropped for the next season.

         As for the fans and people who love Castle for the Caskett moments, the season finale would have come as real shocker. I feel It was a necessary twist in the story. Perhaps the best twist yet. Knockout was perhaps the most anticipated episode due to the emotions involved and things that hung in the balance. It was also the episode where the cast gave their best performances. The plot had also been an excellent one. The ending of Knockout is the best the producers could have asked for. The way in which the real culprit behind Beckett’s mother’s case was never revealed is what will bring the audience back in Season 4.

          Mid-Season, the post I had made for Castle’s second anniversary, Castle is Two Years Old, was written when seven episodes remained in Season 3. It was just after Castle Season 4 had been announced. Since then, a lot of things have happened. The story moves quickly towards the end of Season 3 just like in Season 2. The difference between the two being that, in Season 3, a lot of unexpected things happened. In Season 2, the storylines of cases were weak except in a few episodes. It is good that, in Season 3 that is not the case.

          This time around, there was a definite maturity in the characters. Almost all the cases were pretty interesting. The unexpected element was handled really well by the writers. The ending was perhaps a heart-stopping moment and will keep every single Castle fan waiting for September 19. Am I right in assuming that guys? I myself am waiting for Season 4 with a lot of excitement.

          The critical reasons that have made Castle an all round entertainer include, the cases, the relationships involved, the case of Beckett’s mother, the real world publication of Richard Castle’s books Heat Wave, Naked Heat and the awaited ones Heat Rises and Derrick Storm Animated series. I am not sure if the Heat Wave movie is actually coming out! I think it is! Not sure when though! Coming back to Season 4, There are a lot of questions that need to be answered on September 19 and throughout the course of Season 4. However, I feel we have more season in Castle and they will leave some old and many new questions unanswered.

           As a final note, I would like to say this, Who would have known that a mid-season replacement show would become one of the biggest shows on ABC ever! Full credit to the cast and crew for this one! The Castle cast and crew Rock!!! Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, Molly Quinn, Tamala Jones, Susan Sullivan and of course Ruben Santiago-Hudson and all the others who work behind the scene, you guys are Awesome with a capital ‘A’!

Castle Season 3 Cast
Castle Season 3 Cast

          I have tried to remain objective while writing this post! I have tried to keep my fan emotions out while writing this. But, I guess its obvious once you read this one and the previous one as well! Do let me know your views on the post and on Castle itself either here as comments or on my twitter page! I just love to meet new people, especially if they share the same interests like mine like Castle fans!
My twitter profile is prashant_dracus. This post is dedicated to all my fellow Castle fans and all who love this awesome show!

          Please find below a poll to pick the Best Episode of Castle Season 3. Please note that you can pick up to two episodes! Because I know that picking one can be very difficult! Do let me know your opinion regarding the post and Castle Season 3 and your views on how Castle Season 4 should be in the form of comments below! Thanks guys!

For catching up with me, do check out my twitter page. Just a click away! I just love to meet new people!


19 thoughts on “Season 3 Ends, The Wait Begins for Castle Season 4

  1. I voted for knockdown & knockout ..I love Will Beall’s writing .The Castle Episodes on Beckett’s mom’s murder are absolutely heartwarming .I have always believed that character development is Castle’s biggest strength as a show .& these episodes have taken the emotions to a new high . we get to see the emotionally fragile Beckett fighing with her self & her true emotions .The Caskett chemistry is absolutely flawless .I always thought Castle might get injured in the finale in order to kate realising her true feelings for him .I was surprised to see the other way around ..Nevertheless the finale ended in the best possible manner , Rick expressing his feelings for an almost dying kate.. The writers have put us fans under the torture of imagining what will happen next .Kate will surely not die .But It’ll interesting to see how things pan out in Season 4 .Waiting eagerly for september 19th 🙂

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Now that I am done with the post, I can talk as a fan again! 🙂 Yes! Those episodes are the best! Same here! Waiting for Season 4 on September 19th with a lot of excitement!

  2. This is a great post .You have done a great job remaining neutral & keep ur fan emotions in check .I loved it .This is even more special to me coz its written by Prashant whom I love like a big brother .Keep up the good work Prashant .Looking forward to many more

    1. Thank you so much Madhu! I know I know! But, this time I had to say it as it comes from my Sis! True! I tried to remain objective! Yes! I hope to write many more, especially for Castle when there more seasons for Castle!

  3. Thank you for the post – I really like it! Castle is the only show on TV that I eagerly look forward to each week. I have developed a serious case of OCD! I am looking forward to season 4 because I know the writers, cast, and crew will give us great entertainment every Monday night!

  4. I voted for Knockout and To Die in L.A. because those episodes to me really tested the relationship with Castle and Beckett I mean I did love Knockdown but I liked the L.A. ep because it was different… I don’t know that is just my opinion..

    1. Thanks for reading my post! Everybody is entitled to their opinion Marissa! Even I like L.A. episode a lot because of the storyline. It is a very powerful episode. My vote went to Knockout and L.A. too! 🙂 Thanks for voting as well!

  5. I love every single episode of Castle, maybe there are some that aren´t so intense like Knockdown or Knockout but man each episode is perfect and you can see the Castle-Beckett relationship growing step by step.

    1. Thanks for reading my post and voting Ana! True! It was very tough for me to pick the 5 best episodes for the poll. I had to take the opinions of a lot of Castle fans on twitter! Knockdown and Knockout were perhaps some of the best because of it powerful storyline. But, I liked the L.A. episode as well. Overall, this was a wonderful Season. Hope Season 4 is even better! 🙂

  6. This is a great post and i couldn`t have summed up the season better myself! 🙂 Voted for Knockout and Knockdown mainly because of the exellent writing of Will Beal. I`m really worried that these kind of high quality episodes will be an absence in season 4 now that we know that he`s leaving the show, but i`m hoping that someone else will continue his legacy. What a cliffhanger though, didn`t see that one coming! And it sets it up perfectly for the new season. I really hope that they continue the storyline straight after the shooting and don`t take a jump forward in time here. It also looks like the new captain is gonna be female. Love the possibilities this is bringing to the show. Looks like another strain on the Castle/Beckett relationship if you ask me 😉 September 19th can`t come soon enough for me, and again great post! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for reading and voting Frank. It is true that Will Beal is the best! Lets hope that Season 4 will also have such great episodes! They will find someone equally good. It is true that, Knockdown and Knockout were two of the best episodes. But, I liked the L.A. one as well! A lot of things have changed and that will effect the story and the characters in the next season! September 19 is still about 95 days away I think! I too wish that it would come sooner! 🙂

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