My Life, in Titles of Books

        Tons of people read books. Many of them associate their lives with the characters and events in the book. However, how many of them associate it with the titles of those books. That is precisely what I am going to do here! Associate my life with titles of various books I have read. I got this wonderful idea from Iya’s blog post, Life, as books say it. Thanks for the idea Iya!

       The idea is to answer certain questions with titles of books. The content of the book has nothing to do with my references! Just what the titles mean. Here’s my life.

In School I was: Crazy

People Might be surprised I’m:  The Man In The Iron Mask

I will never be: Dracula

My Fantasy job is: Highway On My Plate (Yes, There is a book based on the show. Written by the hosts. Would love to do that Job!)

At the end of a long day I need: A Little Night Music

I Hate It When: Troubled Sleep

Wish I Had: The Time Machine

My Family Reunions Are: Never A Dull Moment

At A Party You’d Find Me: Having Fun

I’ve Never Been To: Journey To The Center of the Earth

A Happy Day Includes: The Good Book

Motto I Live By: Life Is What You Make It

On My Bucket List: Train to Pakistan

In My Next Life, I Want To Be: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Try it and let me know guys! Do let me know your comments on my choices of book references as well!

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12 thoughts on “My Life, in Titles of Books

    1. Thanks! Yes! First, I loved that book and more importantly it is a place I want to visit if I can. It was a part of India and it is one of the very few places that we cannot visit that easily! Though it is easily accessible! It’s because of security reasons that we can’t visit and I feel that’s a great pity!

  1. Wow , thats a very interesting list .Gotta think about my list in the Title of books..A very intelligent & well thought list I must say .Great work 🙂

  2. This is fun read..good combo..y not b ‘the monk’ is dis present life?…who knos mayb u ll see Aston Martins..

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