Predict the Champions of the Indian Premier League


                 The IPL this year has been a bit boring! That is the opinion of many people i have met recently. It is perhaps because of the simple fact that we are now used to the big hitting, big stars, glitz & galmour and famous personalities. The people are looking for something new which is obviously not there. The only thing new about the tournament this year is the format of the semi-finals. The Eliminator and Qualifier matches. This is a much better way of organizing it as it differentiates between the most consistent teams (1 and 2) and the ones that have qualified riding on some good performances here and there (3 and 4).

                 The presence of two new teams had raised the expectations of the people. The fans expected more excitement. This has clearly not been the case. I wonder if it is just me and a few people i know who think the IPL is a bit boring this year or is it a common observation. Let me know your views as comments guys. Many of my friends wanted me to do a post on the IPL. I just cannot bring myself to write on something which i do not find interesting. The only new team in the list would be the Kolkata Knight Riders . They have performed well. KKR is now a team. Unlike in the last three editions. Mumbai Indians look favorites once again. However, we all know what happened last year. Chennai Super Kings look their usual self, Scraping their way through to the knockout games then performing like a dream. RCB have got a new lease of life in the form of Chris Gayle. One word here for him, DESTRUCTION. The Royals = The Ultimate Underdogs. Who is going to win it?? That is definitely more interesting than the tournament itself. I wish i could fast forward to the championship game!! (Sighs!!)

              Below is a poll to predict the team that will win this year’s IPL. Do take the poll. It should be simpler to pick a winner as we are almost through the group stage games. Thanks for taking the poll guys!! The only reason that i can think of as to why the IPL looks mundane this year is that the IPL is more business than cricket. At some point you feel, Hey!! This looks familiar. Yes! Of course! The same thing happened last year!!


2 thoughts on “Predict the Champions of the Indian Premier League

  1. T-20 is a highly unpedictable format ..anything & everything can happen .one great performance can steal the show .But I think the last 4 shd be MI, KKR, CSk & RCB .. Among these 4 its tough to chose the winner .All 4 strong teams filled with matchwinners .How they play on the day will make the difference .:) Hopefully KKR will do well ..Have to root for my hometown team 🙂

  2. Agreed MB! It will be difficult to choose a winner from these four! Though once again MI are running away with their wins in the group games! But as you said, In T20 anything can happen!!

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