A Visit to Dubai

Until a few months ago, the chances that I would go to Dubai were less. I used to think what is there in Dubai to see. Dubai is just another place with many architectural marvels in the middle of the desert. When my brother-in-law joined an UK based company in Dubai, I was very happy for him. Sometime after my sister went to Dubai, I decided to visit the place. The truth was I missed my sister and my niece a lot. I planned my visit during my Christmas break. Everything was perfect during my visit. The one thing I missed was my friend Raghav. If only he had come with me, I could have seen Dubai from his point of view.

I had heard a lot about the service of Emirates Airlines from Raghav and my father. I left on 24th of December by the morning flight for Dubai. The service as expected was good. The part I hated was the Dubai airport. Its very huge. Lots of walking and standing in the queue. I was asked to proceed to Passport Control after arriving at the airport. After standing in the queue for almost an hour, I was informed that I had first get my eye scanned. That was another two hours in the queue. One at the eye scan queue and another one-hour at Passport Control again! Phew! I did have a tough time. Was hungry and my legs were aching!

At last, I found myself outside the airport. My brother-in-law had come to receive me. My sister’s place is a fifteen-minute drive from the airport. It was pretty hot outside for the month of December. I guess that is the Dubai climate. The first thing I saw when I entered my sister’s house was the view of the Burj Khalifa from the balcony. Though it was far away, the tower can be seen very clearly from almost anywhere in Dubai I suppose. Day 1 was a very dull one. I did visit one of the malls nearby. It was the Century Mall. One place or shop of interest within the mall was Carrefour. It has almost everything you can think of under one roof. More importantly, it offers great discounts on many products. It was Christmas Eve and it was well past midnight when we turned in for the night.

Christmas Day was perhaps the most uneventful day of my trip. I spent the day playing with my niece. She has become very naughty and keeps running all over the house. You just cannot make her sit at a place. I wonder from where small children get so much energy. I did eat a lot of cakes and sweets that day. I also called my friend Raghav’s mom to inform her that we would be visiting her the next day.

Day 3. We went to Bur Dubai to visit my friend Raghav’s parents. By “We”, I mean me, my sister and my niece Akshitha. I had a wonderful time there. I felt right at home. I missed Raghav most then. We had a wonderful lunch that day. After lunch, Aunty and uncle took us to the biggest mall in the world the Dubai mall, which is adjacent to the tallest building in the world the Burj Khalifa. It is a remarkable sight. Finding parking in there is one of the most complicated things I have ever seen. The setting sun in the background makes the skyline look beautiful. I did buy my new camera from the Sharaf DG in the mall. It was past seven when we reached home.

Day 4. I had planned to do some sight seeing alone. However, Raghav’s mom suggested that she would accompany me and show me some of the most important places there. I was happy, as going alone can be a bit confusing. I left early that day and went over to their place. We took the Dubai metro from Bur Dubai to the Mall of Emirates. This was also a huge mall. The problem with these malls in Dubai was that you need at least a day to check out each mall. From the mall, we took a taxi to the coolest place in Dubai. The Palm Jumeirah! The first place I saw was the Hotel Atlantis. It is shaped like a Gateway into the ocean. Next to it is the Atlantis Aquaventure Park. There Aunty bought me Cold Stone Ice Cream. Raghav had already told me that I had to try Cold Stone Ice Cream when in Dubai. I must say, it is heavenly!

Shopping at the Aquaventure Park is an expensive affair. Way above my budget. Having taken a few pictures, we went for a ride on the monorail from the aqua venture park to the terminal stop on Palm Jumeirah called the Gateway. It was a ride with a wonderful view. Then, we took a cab to the pride of Dubai, The Burj Al Arab. When it comes to the famous 7-star hotel, I am in two minds. I feel it looks much more impressive from a distance than from up close. Unfortunately, I could not visit the park nearby. It was a Women and Children day that day. No men allowed and obviously, I could not pose as either of those! Still, we did visit the open beach nearby. The water is so much clearer there than in Chennai or even Kalpakkam for that matter.

Now it was time for some shopping. Aunty took me to a place called Meena Bazaar. That place is ancient and looks a lot like an old street in India. Got a few souvenirs for my mom and we went over to Raghav’s place. I said bye to aunty and left for home. That was my last day in Dubai. The next day afternoon was my flight to India. There was one other place I visited that evening. It was another huge mall. It was a mall within the Dubai Festival City, A World Class Waterfront Lifestyle Resort. It was a beautiful place. That evening and the morning next day passed quietly. The only things I did were playing with my niece and packing.

Day 5. It was a bit sad that my trip had ended so soon. It was a short one. However, I am sure I will go back. And this time it will be when my friend Raghav is there. That will be super fun. And hopefully, it will be for a week at least. Even though it was a short one, it was a wonderful trip to an amazing city. There is one thing that I must say. The law in Dubai is very strict. If you do not cross the road at a Zebra Crossing, the fine is 200 Dirhams. That is about 2500 Rupees. Wow! 🙂 Hope to visit again. I will miss my sister and her family. Especially my niece, Akshitha!


3 thoughts on “A Visit to Dubai

  1. Lol.. Good u have enjoyed the trip to dubai! You have nt even seen a quarter of what dubai has to offer da. May be, as u said, next time we can chill together.. Lets hope that time comes. 😀 :D..

    1. That time will come da! I will visit Dubai with you! 🙂 I know i could not see everything. If my niece had been a bit more older, it would have been possible! Still, I will see it! And it will be most fun with you!

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