An After Life

– Not Exactly a Story

Egypt. A not so rich country today. More than 2000 years ago, The Egyptian Civilization was perhaps one of the most well developed civilizations of its time. From the construction of the Pyramids and Sphinxes to the writing developed by them called Hieroglyphics, the people of Egypt have been far ahead of the Mesopotamian and Harappa civilizations. Our “Not Exactly a Story” is set during the time of King Ramses III, about 3000 years ago.

Imhotep II, the supposed Grandfather of Imhotep – The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, was a member of the court of Ramses II. Ramses II knew that his end was at hand and had already ordered the preparations to commence for his last rites. Ramses III knowing he would be the successor to his father’s throne had already asked Imhotep to resume the position in his court as well.

Ramses III was perhaps one of the most evil kings of his time in some respects. He like his father had two weaknesses Women and Money as in gambling. Imhotep, the only person who knew the royal family well, used to cash in on this by asking many things which no king would accept to do. Imhotep soon became the most powerful man in all of Egypt. Knowing the weakness of the son ensured his power over the royal court would continue.

Within months, the inevitable happened and the gods claimed King Ramses II. After his death, trained professionals mummify his body and put it into a sarcophagus selected by the King himself during his lifetime. Imhotep realizing his power over the new king asks him something that no king is ready to give away, The Throne itself!

Realizing his position Ramses III finds himself caught between his throne and public humiliation. Facing ruin either way, he takes the ultimate decision to end the life of Imhotep. Killing Imhotep was not the easiest of things to pull off. The King’s Guards always surrounded him and he was one of the best minister’s of his court. His assassination had to be carried out in such a way that, it would not arouse any suspicion. This was the time when perhaps the Greatest Murder of all time was plotted and committed by the Ramses himself.

The Egyptians have always believed in the concept of after life. They believed that the dead go on with their lives in another form in another time. They also believed that the dead could walk into the dreams of people. More importantly, they believed that the dead only speak the truth. Ramses knew of this although he was not a firm believer. One particular minister in the royal court was perhaps the most loyal of the lot. Ramses was able to create the environment in the minister’s house that made it look like a far away mystical land. Earlier in the evening, he had already drugged the minister with a special medicine to make sure that evening he would be drowsy but not asleep.

Late that night with the minister struggling to get some sleep, suddenly sees his old King in front of him. Believing his former King was visiting him, he asks the King his desires. The King thanks him for his support during his lifetime and tells him of Imhotep’s treachery. Enraged the minister promises his Majesty to protect his son from the evil claws of Imhotep.

Ramses repeats the same with a couple of other ministers on the days that follow. The ministers discuss their dreams with each other and realize they had all had the same dream. This reinforces their belief in what their Majesty had stated. The next week, Ramses convenes the royal court to decide on a matter of utmost importance.

In the court, he tells the people of how his father had come in his dreams and told him regarding the evil plans of Imhotep and how he had suffered at his hands. Imhotep jeers the King asking him to prove it. To his surprise, all the ministers confirm their King’s account of the dream stating they also had had the same dream. Realizing that he was outnumbered, Imhotep runs out of the royal court to leave the palace. There he finds the mad people of the kingdom waiting to strangle him for his sins. He runs in the other direction towards the King’s chambers. There he flings himself from the top balcony and crashes to his death on the rocks below.

The last words he uttered was a curse cast upon all of Egypt on how he would come back to seek revenge. After two generations, his Grandson Imhotep IV will torment the whole of Egypt with his evil deeds. The movie “The Mummy” is based him. He was perhaps one of the most evil men of his time!

– Prashant (Dracus)

  • Dates and Events Need Not Be Accurate
  • It is just a piece of fiction!

Note: Two things are important here. The medicine used by Ramses to cause drowsiness to the Human Brain alone is something like creating a hallucination. The Second thing is how he created a dream in which his father appears. People achieved these only after about 3000 years using modern technology. Such were the ways of the Egyptians! Mysterious and fascinating!


4 thoughts on “An After Life

    1. Yes. It was written by me. But its like a true story. It has happened. It just describes how much they had achieved then. I just added some flair!

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