Those Four Years…. 2

The guys of my class are the coolest I have ever known. When it comes to the girls, I cannot say much as I was not very close to them. Still, I did make some good friends. During my school days, I was not very close to the girls in my class. The trend continued even in college. During my early semesters, I never talked to any of the girls in my class. I did not know even know the names of a few girls. I was always confused between Shamili and Sneha. 🙂 The only girl I knew well during my first year was Nandhini because she was my classmate in high school. She transferred from CSE – A to our class during the early days of our first year.

Nandhini! One of the best pianists I know and a good singer. However, I have never heard her sing any other song except “Nilla Kaigiradha”! 😛 I still remember the day when Raghav came to Kalpakkam and we visited Nandhini’s place where a mini concert with Raghav singing and Nandhini playing the keyboard. It was really good. Mind you, I was sitting there between them doing nothing and looking dumb. 🙂 A very gentle and kindhearted girl who falls sick frequently. Hope she is having a better run of health nowadays. Good luck Nandhini.

Apart from Nandhini, the only girls I used to talk to were Niveditha B, Niveditha S, Nithya, Nivya, Pavithraa, Preethy S and Preethy R A M. That too only during the lab hours. The first girl apart from Nandhini I became friendly with was Nithya. She has helped me a lot when it comes to academics. A gentle girl with amazing patience and is remarkably slow when it comes to doing most of the everyday activities. 😛 But, she will remain a wonderful friend. Niveditha S, Pavithraa and the Preethys were some of the good friends I made towards the end of my college life. All the best to all of you.

Nivya! A very innocent and soft-spoken girl and the first one to tie the knot in our class. All the best Nivya! God Bless. Niveditha B and Sailakshmi. Nandhini’s best friends! Nive. A very lazy girl or at least it appears so. Always looking sleepy. However, I hear she has gone through a makeover and looks much brighter now. 😛 A wonderful girl and a good friend of mine. Sai! The person who uses very complicated English for conveying the simplest of things. The way she carries herself around conveys the impression of her being very haughty. Towards the end of third year I realized that haughty was one thing she was not. Most of the time at least. A wonderful person and friend. Raghav, Sai, Vara, etc. have played an important part in the improvement of my English and Speaking skills. All the best to you two too! 🙂

Now, the gang of girls who stood together in everything they did. Varalaxmi, Swarna, Soundarya, Rini and Ranjini. Vara! A remarkable person, a voracious reader and a wonderful friend. Someone who worked wonders with my friend Rohit! 🙂 Thank you for that! Wish you all the happiness in life. Soundarya. The Super Singer of our class if not of our whole batch. A very versatile singer who I am sure will go places if she took it up as a profession. Good luck in all your ventures. Swarna! A talkative and bubbly girl who from what I have seen takes everything in her stride. Not many people know this; But Swarna was the first person to be placed from our class. I mean she was short-listed by Aricent first.

Rini. I still believe I should have included her in my previous post. “Dhoni” and “Engal Anna”! 😛 Just kidding Rini! No offence. Ranjini! No words to describe her determination. What she went through and how she came up on top! I am proud to have such a person as a good friend of mine. I still remember Raghav calling me up and telling me the sad news. I still feel bad I could not make it with the other guys to see her after that. I am sorry for that Ranjini. 😦 All the best to all you girls.

During my stint as the placement representative, I was able to talk to some of the girls in our class with whom I had never talked before. Rashmi is one such girl. A friend who was more scared than any other person regarding the recruitment. It is so good to see her happy at her job today. It is true that I never did talk much with the girls of our class. If I left out someone or if I have offended someone, Please forgive me. From one of the hardworking girls I have ever seen, Subha Devi, to the only friend I had the day I joined, Nandhini; all of you were and will always remain my good friends. Good luck with your life people!

This is common to both the posts titled “Those four Years….”! Three Cheers for all the students of CSE – B Terror! As Raghav had written on our cake, “Keep Smiling”. One other thing, Thank you for accepting and putting up with me as a Placement Representative and more importantly a friend! 🙂


11 thoughts on “Those Four Years…. 2

    1. @Rohit Seri Seri! Still overall i noticed a lot of changes da for the good! You realized urself or whatever. When its for the good, Happy da!

    1. feel panniya? You know me! I am surprised with this much itself da. I never thought i would write like this. And feel panni if i write, a lot of people will think back and feel too da. I just wanted it to be refreshing. My take on my friends!

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