Those Four Years….

Unforgettable! When I finished my schooling and got into SSN, I was sad as all my friends had gone to the colleges in Coimbatore. In my first year in college, I did not make close friends. I still remember the first person to speak to me. It was Shri! A person who loved to eat a lot! I was one of the few who did not possess a cell phone. 🙂 It was then during an emergency that someone lend me their phone saying “You can call from this”. Rohith S!

Rohith was perhaps one of the guys who was scared of a lot of things but never showed it. Gym Body, Steel Body, etc. He used to call himself all these. Very hardworking! He was very close to all the lady staffs in our dept. It was Susi who filled him with the confidence he has today. He will remain my most treasured friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed. 🙂 It was towards the end of that year that I met perhaps one of the most brilliant guys I had ever met. Satish! If I am anything at programming today, it’s because of him. In my class, there was one guy who stood apart from the others, Raghav Ravichandran.

Raghav!! No words come to me when I think of him. 🙂 I will stand by what I have always said and admired. Truly, the most captivating speaker I have ever listened too. If there is one quality of his that is better than his speaking skills it’s his Friendship! It was in my third semester that I talked with him for the first time. I do not remember what it was about. His personality, his pride, his nature, his friendship. I have learned so much from him. One of my favourite sentences when it came to him, “Raghav, I can never refuse listening to you!”.

Satish!! Another one of my very close friends. If I passed Data Structures it’s because of him. The first program, Token Separation I think. I could not even write that. Or rather, I never tried. It was he who encouraged me saying I could do it. Still, I rarely did it. I am sure Raghav will agree that though both of us could surely have written at least some of the programs, we never did because Satish was there! 🙂 What say Raghav?? The one person whose brain was like a machine and the though process was mind blowing! “Genius!”

Fourth Semester. I met a lean boy with glasses. Someone who put on weight faster than any other guy in the class. 🙂 Rohit Raj! Rohit was the guy who never attended the first day of college for any semester except the last. Accident prone during the first half of college. The only guy in my class who brought his own car to college. A Zen Classic! Though he used to say he was always confusing it with a Merc Benz! 😛 He used to drive that old car like it was race car. Pushing it way beyond its limits. I am sure he misses it now. What say da? “A guy who was obsessed with Technology”! The guy from whom I learned the words ‘Gethu’ and ‘Gumthaga’ . 🙂 It was in the same semester that I met the Gethu Gang of CSE – B!

Nithin, Vicky, Sarath, Captain Santosh, Vijay Anand, Poorna, Prathap, Ramanujam Saravanan and Terror Thiyagu! Forgive me if I have missed some one! Perhaps I should have included Rini’s name as well. 🙂 I have learnt so much from each of these guys. Vicky was voted the funniest guy of our class. All the best to him in Infosys. Sarath! What a guy! The project with him and Ramanujam was really wonderful! All the best. Nithin was perhaps the guy who made fun of almost everyone. I believe he is in Delhi preparing for his IAS exam. Good Luck da!

Santosh, ‘Captain’, and Vijay Anand! Perhaps two guys I have come to respect a lot as time passed. Santosh was loved by almost everyone in class. One of the coolest guys you will ever meet. Knows how to tackle a crisis. Vijay Anand. Though I never knew him very closely he is and will always remain a good friend of mine. Poorna and Prathap! My team mates when it came to lab hours. Always trying to make fun of me. Prathap was the quieter of the two. The first that comes to mind was his funk! I believe they called him funky! Poorna’s at CMC and am not quite sure what Prathap is up to these days! Good Luck guys! Good Luck guys!

Ramanujam and Saravanan! I remember Rama as a quiet boy on the first day of college. He is one of the other guys I was not very close to. At least in the early days. One of his habits that I never quite liked was his smoking. Try to quit da! Saravanan. He liked dropped of the planet after college. Heard he is working with cloud computing. The two things that come to mind when I think of Saravanan are, his laugh and RHCE. 🙂 His laugh his unforgettable. Ramanthan, Rowdy then and Manick now i hear, and Salva are the two other guys who were also like crazy about Linux. They have taught me so much. And they will always remain two of my best friends! All the best to you too guys!

After the first half of my college, I met a guy who is perhaps the coolest of the lot. Susi! Our favourite Class Rep! And Rohith’s you know who. I have been amazed by how much he eats! He is the person from whom I learnt to take things easily. Thinking calmly in a situation will give you a better solution. From his point of view, the next best thing to do after breakfast is have lunch! Have fun at Aricent dude! Three people you relate to Susi are Mokesh, Thangu and Mokkai Vijay, as they were called. Three guys who were immersed in their own world. Each truly unique!

Sixth semester! Shri’s falling sick! We were devastated. I feel sad for him. But today, I believe he is very happy with a career plan in mind that is sure to take him places. The world is yours dude! All the best. One other person in the gang was Vishnu! Everybody used to make fun of him as he was very close to the girls. Perhaps I never knew him very well. But, from what I had seen of him he was a very nice guy with a gentle heart. Good Luck to the two of you.

The girls of my class. Nithya and Nandhini were perhaps the two girls I was quite friendly with from the early days of college. Nandhini was a school friend. Nithya was the first girl to talk to me in college. Others I came to know well only in the last semester. Some of the other good friends I made were Niveditha B, Nivya, Rashmi, Rini, Sailakshmi, Soundarya, Swarna and Varalaxmi. Good luck to all of you.

Today, I have no regrets of not going to Coimbatore. I would have missed all these wonderful people. When I look back on my college days, I feel bad that I took a long time to get to know many of these people. I lost so much time with them. I have left out a lot of things. The tours where we had so much fun. The final year project. The canteen. The stores. Placement. And so much more. If I have missed someone, Please pardon me, My Friends! God Bless! Though I have never said it till date, I will miss you all!! 😦 🙂


9 thoughts on “Those Four Years….

  1. Hey Kabs,
    Its fascinating is nt it, when you sit down to pen down your thoughts, friends are the first people who come to your mind!

    Firstly, I must commend you on your blog and thank you for those generous words you have said about me. It is a great feeling when you realize that people like you for what you are and silently admire you in whatever petite way possible. You have given me that sense of pride today! I thank you for that!

    Undoubtedly, Satish is the most brilliant guy I have met till date. I dont have any words to express how much I miss him as a teammate than as a friend! I am sure you would agree when I say this. .

    Dude, you are probably the most hardworking person I have ever met. A person who continuously strives to improve himself in whatever way possible. If there is one thing I admire in you, it is your hard-work and never-say-die attitude. But, being a remarkably carefree person who prefers procrastination to preplanned organisation, I doubt if I shall ever be able to emulate you!

    You would agree when I say that I made more friends than anyone in our class. This was a bad thing. Because you sorely miss sooo many people. And your blog brings back the memories that we have shared, cherished and yearn to go back to!

    Thank you for this blog. It made me take a trip down the memory lane. Yet again!!

  2. True da. I agree with everything you said! Yes and you did make more friends than any other person in the class. It was a hard thing to do da. Taking a trip down memory lane! When i remember, i miss them more.

  3. I sure do remember first talking to you ! I was searching for some one my height and i must say you were the only one who could talk to me “face to face” . Well i meant that literally. Anyway, my choices of friends have always been pretty screwed. A gay rohith ( gay also means happy. So eruma, if in case you are reading this, refer the dictionary before you start sending me abusive texts) is perhaps the most prominent example. Kabali, I think you stand to be the one exception in my list . 😀

  4. @Shri Ha ha. Good word play da. @Rohith. He is right da. Rohith did say he will be reading this. Yes. You and Sarav were the one people tall enough and Sarath to some extent. Kabali. I miss that da. Everyone used to call me that. I got used to it. Now i miss that! 🙂

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