Hi Everybody. Looking forward to your comments for my forthcoming posts! Thanks!!


3 thoughts on “Hi

  1. Nice post Prashant. Never expected an such an emotional post from you. Gr8 to know we made sure you never regreted not going to Coimatore. I’m sure we all miss those days a lot! But we’l all hope to keep in touch 🙂

  2. Hey Kabs,
    Its fascinating is nt it, when you sit down to pen down your thoughts, friends are the first people who come to your mind!
    Firstly, I must commend you on your blog and thank you for those generous words you have said about me. It is a great feeling when you realize that people like you for what you are and silently admire you in whatever petite way possible. You have given me that sense of pride today! I thank you for that!
    Undoubtedly, Satish is the most brilliant guy I have met till date. I dont have any words to express how much I miss him as a teammate than as a friend! I am sure you would agree when I say this. :).
    Dude, you are probably the most hardworking person I have ever met. A person who continuously strives to improve himself in whatever way possible. If there is one thing I admire in you, it is your hard-work and never-say-die attitude. But, being a remarkably carefree person who prefers procrastination to preplanned organisation, I doubt if I shall ever be able to emulate you!
    You would agree when I say that I made more friends than anyone in our class. This was a bad thing. Because you sorely miss sooo many people. And your blog brings back the memories that we have shared, cherished and yearn to go back to!
    Thank you for this blog. It made me take a trip down the memory lane. Yet again!! 🙂

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